What does Signature Cocktail mean?

The Signature Cocktail project was born in collaboration with the Masters of Cocktail, a well-known consulting and communication company in the beverage world.

Unique recipes are created, tailored and bottled for customer’s needs.
The cocktails, prepared using only the highest quality raw materials, are made by analyzing the main market indicators to meet the needs and tastes of the final clientele.

Thanks to the Ready To Serve bottling, the Signature Cocktail bottles will not require the help of bartenders or professionals.
In fact, it will be sufficient to pour the liqueur from the bottle to the glass to serve the cocktail, anywhere and at any time, keeping intact taste, aroma and service standards.


Each product meets high quality standards

Every single drink will be created by bartenders selected from the 50 most famous bars in the world, to meet the specific needs of the customer, maintaining a high quality standard, and is also guaranteed by the use of the highest quality raw materials.

Each cocktail will already be pre-diluted, that is, with the right amount of water added, and it will therefore require no processing before the service.


A cocktail list tailor-made for the customer

The first step will be to analyze the main market trends of the reference bar, the specific needs of the sector and the type of customers to create a specific and identity cocktail list.

The menu will be designed to suit every type of palate, from the driest to the most delicate, to the different moments of consumption, from aperitifs to after dinner, but also to new mixing trends, such as low-alcohol cocktails, diet cocktails and much more.